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Any Business can use WhyQ Store Manager

VendorOS Business Item Hawker stalls

VendorOS Business Item Restaurants

VendorOS Business Item Home bakeries

VendorOS Business Item Food Courts

VendorOS Business Item Grocery Stores

VendorOS Business Item Cloud Kitchens

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Go Online with your own e-store

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Are you a business owner? Create your own customizable e-store 100% Free

Online Delivery

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Go online! Increase your sales revenue by reaching out to more customers beyond your physical store

Sales Performance Reports

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Easy-to-understand reports of your business for you to track and improve sales performance


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No more manual bookkeeping!
Record all Sales and Expanses digitally

Point-Of-Sale Cashier System

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No more using pen & paper or memorization your orders! Use WhyQ Vendor OS to digitally record your transactions

Queue Management

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Queue Management System for crowd control - customers can wait at their seats and get notified when order is ready

Loyalty Program

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Keep track of your customer database and reward regular customers for coming back!

E-Learning Resources

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Library of e-learning resources for you to learn about digital tools that can help you boost sales




A basic tool for vendors to set-up an online store in 60 seconds!




  • E-Store with custom URL
  • Payment integration
  • Logistics Integration
  • Basic Performance Reports
  • Simplified Bookkeeping Solution

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A full digitalisation solution with device setup for merchants

$50/month$300 Device Cost


  • All features in Lite plan
  • Advanced Performance Report
  • Complete Bookkeeping Solution
  • Device setup with single/multi screen POS and kitchen printer
  • Loyalty system for CRM
  • Dedicated support team for your enquries

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WhyQ Store Manager Lite is a free mobile application that lets you create an online store with your own custom web link. We can also help you deliver your products islandwide. This service is completely FREE-OF-CHARGE for merchants like yourself. You may download the app through your own electronic device of choice.


Upon sign-up, we will help you set up your e-store, giving you a unique URL link and QR code for you to begin your journey to digitize your business. Additionally, you get access to basic bookkeeping tools to help you keep track of your new online business.


There are no commissions involved for merchants! We understand your concerns of high commissions eating into your profits. That is why we have structured the delivery model such that there is no cost involved for merchants to digitize your business.


Any delivery, platform and other miscellaneous fees that may arise from online delivery will be borne entirely by your customers, and may include:

  • 3% platform fees for every order, clearly indicated to your customers on the check-out page

  • Delivery fees, which will vary according to the distance travelled

  • Any takeaway fees or price mark-ups that you impose

You are strongly advised to get verified as a merchant to enjoy the associated benefits of using WhyQ Store Manager Lite, such as payment & delivery integration with WhyQ and the increased trustworthiness of your e-store to your customers. In order to be verified, you are required to submit valid documents to WhyQ to confirm that you have a registered business. The verification process should be completed within 24 hours.

Verified Merchants

Verified Merchants are merchants who have duly submitted official business documents (including but not limited to NEA license, SFA license, bank details) to the WhyQ Merchant Team to verify the legitimacy of their business. Verified Merchants also have delivery and payment integrations with WhyQ, in which we will be fulfilling the order delivery, and accepting online payments from your customers on your behalf. WhyQ will also be assisting your customers for any payment or delivery enquiries, disputes that may arise from your order. 


Verified Merchants will be easily identifiable with a “Verified” status and a blue tick next to the store name.


Unverified Merchants

Unverified Merchants are merchants who have not submitted Valid Documents to the WhyQ Merchant Team to verify the legitimacy of their business. Unverified Merchants also do not have payment and delivery integrations with WhyQ and you will have to manage these processes yourself. WhyQ does not assume any liability for any payment or delivery disputes that may arise with you and your customer.



WhyQ will be able to connect you to 3rd party logistic services to fulfill your deliveries once you are a Verified Merchant. You may choose the “WhyQ Deliveries” options in the Account Settings on the app and delivery integration will be automatically set up. Riders from 3rd party platforms will arrive at your physical locations to pick up your items upon your acceptance of the order and deliver to your customers. 


For Unverified Merchants, and merchants who choose the “Self-Delivery” option, you may proceed to arrange for your own riders to deliver your products. WhyQ will not be involved in the delivery process and may wish to contact your customer directly if you would like to impose a delivery charge on them.


WhyQ will collect online payments from your customers on your behalf once you are a Verified Merchant. We will thus serve as your customers’ main point of contact for any payment issues. We will reimburse the amount you made for your sale on a weekly basis.


For Unverified Merchants, WhyQ will not be involved in the payment process between you and your customer, as we are only providing you service as a platform host to list your products. You may wish to contact your customer directly to communicate payment instructions and arrange for your own payment methods. 


Payouts will occur weekly via bank transfer to the bank details you provide to WhyQ. Payment will be made within 1 week from the end of the pay cycle.


For example, for orders delivered on 1st to 7th of the month, payment will be made by the 14th of the month.


You may wish to hide your product under the ‘Products’ tab in the app. You may then reject the order from the Orders tab, and your customer will be notified that the order has been cancelled.


You simply have to download the FREE mobile app from the Google Play Store for your android devices. We are working hard to bring the iOS version to Apple users, stay tuned for our update!


WhyQ Store Manager is a first-of-its-kind, end to end digital solution package for small business owners in Singapore, that helps you solve day-to-day challenges, so that you can continue to focus on what you do best. 

Some of its key features include:

  • Online e-shop and food delivery management

  • Bookkeeping function - for Sales and Expenses tracking

  • Point-of-sale cashiering

  • Analytics - for detailed insights for your store’s business

  • Loyalty program management

  • E-learning for digital marketing

- Digitize your business and deliver island-wide

  • Free for all! No Commission fees for Merchants 

  • Set up your e-store to reach out to customers beyond your physical locations - sell anytime, anywhere!

  • Focus on what you do best, while we take care of the payment and delivery process


- Accurately track your business performance

  • Helps you to efficiently account for profit

  • Log how much you have spent and categorise it into different categories (rent, marketing, supplies)


- Better understand your business health and take corrective actions

  • Performance reports for you to make data-driven business decisions 


- Educational content for digital marketing

  • On-demand educational tutorials to help you get started with digital marketing journey to boost your new online business


- Reduce human errors

  • Decrease the chances of forgetting walk-in orders or returning the incorrect amount to customers


- Fuss-free Customer Relationship Management tools (Coming soon!)

  • Track and manage your customers to build loyalty and encourage repeat purchases

  • Communicate new product launches easily to your customer base


  • WhyQ Store Manager will be completely FREE-OF-CHARGE for the first 6 months! 

  • Should you be interested to continue the service after the end of the free trial, subscription rates and device costs will be applicable. A WhyQ representative will reach out to you two weeks prior to the end of the free trial to check your interest. 

  • As we are subsidising you for the hardware costs for the free trial, we will require a nominal security deposit of $50. This security deposit will be refunded to you upon conclusion of the free trial, if the hardware (tablet, printer, and associated accessories) is assessed to be in acceptable condition and there are no major damages done.

  • All features of WhyQ Store Manager will be accessible during your 6 month free trial in order for you to enjoy the full benefits of the digitization solution. There will not be any locked features.

  • WhyQ Store Manager is a digitization tool and we understand that merchants might take time to integrate their existing practices with digital tools. For example, staff training, adjustments of SOPs. We want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the solution and can integrate your daily habits with WhyQ Store Manager.

  • Our friendly WhyQ representative will reach out to you two weeks prior to the end of the free trial to check your interest to sign up for the recurring subscription.


  • Additionally, by signing up for the free trial, you agree to provide WhyQ with valuable feedback about the WhyQ Store Manager as required, of which would include user interviews and/or user surveys. This will help us gather information to improve the products for users like yourself. 

  • If you do not provide adequate feedback, it is up to WhyQ's discretion to terminate the free trial.

Subscription to WhyQ Store Manager consists of a one-time set-up cost and a monthly subscription fee.

  • One-time set-up cost - $300 nett


  • Yearly subscription: $30/month OR

  • Monthly subscription: $50/month

  • For further enquiries please reach out to your WhyQ Representative.


  • We will require a signature for WhyQ Store Manager as an endorsement for the 6 months free trial. Rest assured, this agreement does not automatically carry forward after the 6 months free trial. Our friendly WhyQ Representatives will reach out to you again to check in if you would like to continue your subscription thereafter

We will provide you with the full set-up, which includes a compatible tablet in-built with the application, a printer and other related hardware accessories.

  • Your friendly WhyQ representative will instruct you thoroughly on how to use the tablet device during the demonstration. Moving forward, you will have ready access to a dedicated WhyQ representative for any queries or issues.

  • Additionally, we have on-demand tutorial videos in the e-learning library that will be helpful for you to get started on the different functions in the tablet device.

  • Under the 6 month free trial, WhyQ retains ownership of the hardware. Depending on the severity of the damages, we will reserve the right to deduct the impairment costs from the $50 security deposit.

  • You may contact your friendly WhyQ representative to arrange for replacement of device, subject to your payment for the new device cost of $300.

  • Not to worry! Your subscription to WhyQ Store Manager includes a SIM card with 1GB of data. This should be fully sufficient for the efficient management of your store and access to all the functions of WhyQ Store Manager. 

  • If you require additional data, you may contact your friendly WhyQ representative to find out how we can help with this concern.

  • We provide the charger to the tablets in your set-up pack. If you have misplaced the charger, please contact your friendly WhyQ representative.

  • We provide the charger to the receipt printers in your set-up pack. If you have misplaced/damaged the charger, please contact your Account Manager.

  • The WhyQ Store Manager set-up pack comes with a tablet in-built with the software, as well as a receipt printer. 

  • If you are a WhyQ Store Manager Lite user and interested in the receipt printer, please contact our team for more information.

  • Yes we will be providing receipt paper for WhyQ Store Manager merchants! Kindly contact your WhyQ representative before your paper rolls deplete and we will replenish it for you as soon as possible.

  • Please let your Account Manager know about any feedback/issue as he/she will troubleshoot the problem and assist you as soon as possible.